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Digital life trailblazer. Author/editor/producer agented by Foundry Literary + Media. Social community builder, GlobalNiche curriculum designer. As an entrepreneur, I draw on my New York publishing & Hollywood entertainment industry experience with unique global dexterity from 14 years of international living. You might know me from my expatriate literature collection Expat Harem, or its offshoot discussion community for global citizens. I've put all that theory into practice by building a multimedia curriculum to help people everywhere find their purpose and place online, and in community -- using content and culture to aid connection. I've also got a pretty sweet track record of empowering people around the web's new vulnerability, visibility and voice, and won an award for my strategy to build a global platform for 5 million women change-agents using free social web technology. Try my on-demand, self-paced social web training for free.

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